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The arena floor is dragged to perfection, giving the illusion of a lake with gentle ripples across the surface.  You and your horse, along with your teammates,
are ​waiting in anticipation for the excitement that is about to take place. ​
​You are about to enter the exhilarating sport of Drill Team Competition.  

Equestrian Drill Team-It's a rush!
If you like it flashy and freewheeling, Drill Team exhibitions or competitions are for you!
KMRR takes part in numerous competitions, exhibitions and parades.  We don't ask that you participate in each event, but we do ask that you are dedicated toward improvement and growth of the team by attending many practices and events.

It is important that you view yourself as an essential part of the team, helping to accomplish intricate timely maneuvers which develop into an exhilarating art form.​​​
​A second team, EZ Riders, was developed to help new members prepare themselves and their horses for the challenges of riding on a drill team. This team will compete in events and ride in parades until members feel ready to ride on the flag team.

​​Both teams practice at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Jefferson, WI year round.
​EZ Riders practices -Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm.
​KMRR practices -Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm.
​Winter months, practices are on Saturdays or Sunday.
​Times may vary, weather permitting.



Startup cost: $90
​​​​​(includes tack, due upon commitment to a performance )
         Riders are responsible for transportation to practices, travel expenses
        ​ to events, camping and stall fees.

Interested in joining?